Tuesday, 20 April 2010

TV news round up: Friday Night Lights edition

-Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor, Friday Night Lights) has been made a "very lucrative offer" to star in the Steven Spielberg/ Peter Chernin produced TV pilot 'Terra Nova' for Fox. The show revolves around a family who travels back in time to the prehistoric dinosaur era, this sounds like it could be like the Flintstones but with Spielberg and Chandler on board I think this could be a new favourite of mine. Jurassic Park was such a big movie for me when I was a kid that the dinosaur factor instantly makes me interested. [Ausiello]
-More Friday Night Lights goodies; Scott Porter (Jason Street) has been confirmed as a returning character for season 5 in the seventh episode. Now lets hope that other ex Dillon residents that feature on executive producer Jason Katims' wish list; Gauis Charles (Smash), Zach Gilford (Saracen), Jesse Plemons (Landry), Taylor Kitsch (Riggins), Adrianne Palicki (Tyra) make an appearance as well. Friday Night Lights has balanced the burden of the short life of a high school show well, with characters leaving at the appropriate time but then also making appearances down the line. This factor is another reason why the show works so well and why it is a shame that it is not watched by more people. [Ausiello]
-Speaking of Friday Night Lights it's set to air the fourth season on NBC on May 7th, spread the word, even if you have seen it already watch it again, this trailer gave me major goose bumps:

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