Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Chuck vs the Honeymooners

Chuck returned last night with a strong episode that should go some way as to reassure people that your 'will they/won't they' couple can hook up and for it to lead to a stronger show. Yes we are only an episode in to this pairing so I might be jumping the gun a little but it felt so natural to have Chuck and Sarah as a real couple rather than the cover story couple that we have seen on and off for the past three seasons that it seems that it will only reinforce the show and not hinder the story.
From the opening scene (which featured a great song choice of 'Holiday' by Vampire Weekend) I had a smile plastered over my face, and as noted in other reviews of this episode it was so nice for it to be generally angst free and to see Sarah happy for once. The downer from this episode coming from a drunk Ellie, who downed may shots during the acoustic Jeffster rendition of 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' who was disappointed that her brother wasn't there to say goodbye, or rather disappointed that she thought she was leaving him alone. It was great to see Jeffster do something a bit more low key and the turtlenecks were a great wardrobe choice.
Another development that occurred in the previous episode was Morgan being officially integrated in to Team Bartowski and this led to some particularly funny exchanges between him and Casey, an unlikely partnership that I think will prove to be a chaotic success in the remaining episodes of this season. The call back to when Chuck and Casey were tied to a chair and Casey used Chuck as the weapon was a great touch with Morgan now in the place of Chuck. The fight sequences on a whole were ambitious, particularly the handcuffed Sarah and Chuck moments which worked very well, showing more scope for his intersect kung-fu and the fact there are still things that he won't do, in this case hitting a woman (Oh Canada).
Also what's in a name? Charles Charles, brilliant.
Other great musical moments came courtesy of the Polyphonic Spree 'Light and Day' and Chuck's choice for what was to be Sarah's favourite song; Nina Simone with 'Feeling Good'. This was a surprise choice, I figured that they would go with something more recent but I like that he goes for a classic. Once again the song choices in this show have been brilliant, incorporating new and old, which is why I would love for a soundtrack to be released by Chop Shop Records for this show.
Next weeks episode 'Chuck vs the Role Models' also looks like another doozy, enjoy the promo:

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