Friday, 9 April 2010

Bones 100th

Spoilers ahead for the 100th episode of Bones:

Happy 100th episode to Bones, and what an episode it was that showed the first time Brennan and Booth worked together and finally had the idea of them as a couple really being addressed by these two characters rather than everyone else around them. Bones (the show) in the past has irked some viewers (myself included) in some of these big moment episodes, such as Zack being Gormogon's assistant and last seasons coma finale. However I think that this episode hit all the right notes and even with some retcon action, the story worked with how we met these characters in the pilot, as two people who had obviously had some conflict in the past and with Brennan really not wanting to work with Booth again. 
The case was even similar in some aspects as the one in the pilot, a young woman is murdered, most likely by some one who is high up in the system and there is little evidence to support this on the surface which is why the team at the Jeffersonian has to be bought in. The fact that it was Cam that suggested Brennan to Booth seems a little tenuous but she did work in the New York coroners office making it possible and it was nice to see a bit of character interaction between her and Booth when they have said before that they have known each other for years. 

All the squints were there and seeing Zack having a full blown awkward exchange with Booth and his conflict with Hodgins was superb and made me miss him all over again (on a side note are they ever going to resolve the fact that Zack didn't actually kill anyone and that Sweets is the only one that knows this?). Hodgins was experiencing his anger problems that we have seen before where he has had to employ the elastic band on the wrist method.  It was good to see the origin of the experiments and that Zack as ever played the role of the murder victim. Showing how Brennan and Angela became friends was also a nice touch, due to her art showing an impressive command of underlying structure and that the reason she took the job was to save money to move to Paris. The Angelator 1.0 as a flip picture book was also brilliant especially when Federal Prosecutor Caroline (another favourite) suggested that a big fancy computer would be needed to sell the re-enactment to a jury.  
Now to Booth and Brennan, she liked it when he called her Bones at first and there was major flirtation which ended in a tequila induced kiss, that is all nothing more, a moment missed. This moment missed that turned in to the bickering that we have known since the show started. This bickering turned in to much more in this case with Brennan slapping Booth hard across the face when he had escorted her out of his office forcibly by the arm. This defensive streak we saw in Brennan earlier in the episode when she struck the suspect in the nose twice and was something that was employed early in the series, that when Brennan felt threatened we saw that she was more than capable of defending herself. It is at this point that she says that she hates Booth and wants him to stop calling her Bones, a trend she continues at the start of season 1 (not the hate so much but the nickname Bones). Despite this horrible end to the first case she has definitely had a huge impact on him, he stops gambling, he starts wearing items of clothes that set him apart from his rigorous uniform which has continued till the present day.
Now to the present day, Sweets realises that most of the conclusions he draws in his book are right for the wrong reasons, that they are in love but one of them has to admit first, the stalemate has to be broken and because Booth is the gambler it has to be him. The pair leave a frustrated Sweets with a book in ruins and no conclusion but of course the episode doesn't end there. 

It continues out side in front of a sign that must be a nod to last seasons finale that says:
"Nothing happens unless first a dream" - Carl Sandburg
It is here that Booth, the gambler does make the first move breaking the stalemate and confessing what the audience and most of the supporting characters have known for a long time that he is in love with her:
"When you talk to older couples who, you know, have been in love for 30 or 40 or 50 years, alright, it's always the guy who says, 'I knew.' I knew. Right from the beginning... I'm that guy. Bones, I'm that guy. I know.
Unfortunately for Booth and the screaming audience at home Brennan responds not with happiness but with this:
"I am not a gambler. I am a scientist. I can't change. I don't know how... I don't know how."
Not the ending that that was hoped for but this statement allows them to move on, and I think in this moving on Brennan will realise that she can change and gamble and that for the show this is a good direction as it allows for more stories and more conflict. The fact that after all this they can still walk away together arm in arm shows that they can still work together and that there is definitely more to come where these two are involved.
A job very well done from the Bones team and a special mention should go to David Boreanez who was not only fantastic in this episode but also did a fantastic job directing it.
The promo for next weeks episode reveals a creepy special guest star and another episode that looks to be promising, enjoy:

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