Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chuck vs The Other Guy: Season 3 finale version 1

Spoilers ahead for any one who hasn't seen episode 13 and gone on a whiskey induced Guitar Hero session:

Originally NBC ordered 13 episodes for Chuck season 3 and this is the thirteenth in the run which is why it acts as a kind of finale as the bonus six episodes that were ordered happened after the series had been written and planned out. This first version of the finale was widely touted as the best of the season after an early screening of it at this weekends WonderCon. I was a little worried that it had maybe been bigged up a bit too much, that was until I saw it and found out why everyone was making such grand statements, it really was a truly great episode.
Written by Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak this episode combined all the elements that make this show a unique entity on TV at the moment; romance, action and comedy. Not all these elements have been used in each outing this season with some episodes opting for a darker tone, but where there were the more serious moments the comedy was never far behind. The problem of Agent Shaw (Brandon Routh) was solved, with a few more twists than I expected, I was definitely thrown by his double turn, even though I suspected him as a Ring operative when he first appeared in the show I was pretty much convinced at this point that he wasn't. I appreciated the fact that it was kung fu movie expert Morgan (Josh Gomez) who 'made' him showing that he does have some special skills to help Operation Bartowski. Now that Morgan is an official part of this team there is definitely potential for many a funny stories and the chemistry between him and Casey (Adam Baldwin) is particularly delectable. As well as his exchanges with General Beckmen where he is confused as to how he should address her calling her 'Sir' and saying 'Aye aye Captain', both which are very wrong titles for her. 
The 'will they won't they' story this season between Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) has come to it's natural end point, especially considering what occurred in the last two episodes of season 2 and there is only a certain amount of obstacles that you can put in the way of these two before the audience cries 'mutiny' (which semi occurred after Chuck vs The Mask this season). So when Chuck finally asks Sarah in his post whiskey/ice cream binge whether she loves him, when she said yes I let out a big cheer. A final obstacle of Sarah being in danger of being killed by Shaw and the ring operatives led to some strong scenes where Chuck finally takes the life of someone (Shaw in this case) to save the woman that he loves and thankfully the consequences don't have Sarah turning on Chuck but instead embracing him, making this Chuck fan very happy. 
The show is going to be on a short hiatus for three weeks and lets hope that when it does return there will be some good news regarding it's renewal. These next six episodes look like they will be a lot of fun with some familiar faces returning, here is a promo to keep you entertained and I'm going to cancel the tank that I just ordered:

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