Monday, 26 April 2010

All new Chuck tonight

The break is over and Chuck is back tonight with the first of a six episode run, there is still no word on whether the show will get a fourth season, but I will keep my fingers crossed, watch the episode and hope that many more out there will do the same. This is the first episode with Chuck and Sarah as a real couple, a development that is definitely a welcome one and one that won't be in a similar vein as the much touted 'Moonlighting curse'. From what I can see in the promos and from what we have seen in the show that has got us to this point the chemistry between these two characters is fantastic and should not suffer from this relationship status change. Chuck fan and TV critic Alan Sepinwall has long championed these two as a couple and over in his column he details why this is indeed a good thing. 
Here is also a bonus sneak peek from next weeks 'Chuck vs the Role Models' that isn't really spoilery but just a great example of why certain other developments involving Morgan this season opens up all kinds of possibilities:

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