Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Lost TCA panel

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Yesterday the Lost TCA panel was held with producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and with cast members Emilie de Ravin, Daniel Dae Kim, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lily, Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia (Claire, Jin, Sawyer, Kate, Locke, Ben and Hurley). The panel revealed little about the new season (which is just how I like it) but there were some minor spoilers concerning casting so be warned.
For a detailed account of the panel head over to Alan Sepinwall's blog, however here are my highlights from the panel:

  • That it took Emilie three reads of the season 6 premiere script to take it all in, she clarified that it wasn't because it was confusing but because there was so much in it. Welcome back to Emilie, I missed Claire in season 5.
  • Terry O'Quinn didn't know that Locke was dead until he got the script that revealed his body was in the container.
  • Michael Emerson stated that the show has ruined his acting process, though he stated it is better to be in the dark with this show, "It's nice not to be burdened with the secrets, and trying to play the future before it arrives." I'd imagine that this also helps with not unwittingly revealing spoilers.
  • When asked about favourite moments from the show several said that they really enjoy the big group scenes- Josh Holloway saying that "If you position yourself just right, you get to cut up and have fun, and occasionally have to do your part." 'Sangria Thursdays' is a new season 6 tradition that Evangeline Lilly names as a favourite.
  • Episode wise, Daniel Dae Kim says that the raft launch at the end of season 1 is a favourite (Carlton Cuse also says this is a favourite), Lily says that 'Do No Harm' the season 1 episode where Claire gives birth and Boone dies is a favourite, Jorge Garcia says when Mr Cluck's got hit by the asteroid and they threw raw chicken over him. Michael Emerson says that he has "lots of fond memories of breathless confrontations in small rooms" and the scene in season 3 'Every Man For Himself' when he is on the cliff with Sawyer quoting Steinbeck.  
  • Lindelof and Cuse say a favourite moment is wondering how to say 'time travel' to the Disney executives without saying 'time travel'.
  • Emerson later said that in the season 5 finale he liked that with Ben stabbing Jacob he finally did something childish and impulsive.
  • Not all the questions will be answered in this final season which I appreciate, I still want some mystery.
  • They say that the worst ending they can provide would be the safe ending (see Harry Potter), but they are not going to take a risk just to take a risk.
  • Libby and Michael will be back, though not all the Libby questions will be answered.
I like that there was some information revealed, enough to wet my appetite even more for February 2nd (not that it really needed it), also it's nice to see the camaraderie between the cast:

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Photos courtesy of Lost-Media

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