Monday, 11 January 2010

Chuck season 3

Chuck Publicity Still

Chuck returned last night with a double episode and there will be another one tonight so I will keep this brief and do a full recap tomorrow (spoiler warning just in case)
It is good to see this show back, especially as it came so close to being cancelled last season, with the scheduling meltdown that Leno at 10pm has caused NBC and that he will be returning to late night there is less panic regarding ratings this season as there are now more slots for scripted television. This Leno experiment failed on the part of NBC and it is good that they have realised that this is the case (though I really hope Conan doesn't get screwed over in the process. though it kinda already looks like he has). Regarding the first episode of this third season it is clear that new viewers were definitely in mind as 'The Pink Slip' was a reboot of a kind, re-establishing the characters, who they are and what their motivations are. I enjoyed this first hour but because of the exposition element of this episode, the next one was a lot more satisfying as an existing Chuck fan.
It was a welcome sight to see the team back together again, even with this added layer of angst that has been created by Chuck choosing the spy life over a life with Sarah. Though as the video on the USB drive that Sarah watched at the end of episode 2 shows, it is because of Sarah that he has decided to stay in the spy life as he has a 'gift' that can help people; this is something that she taught him. This scene makes up for any of the arguments and relationship debates between Sarah and Chuck in these first two episodes, though I must say that I think this is a show that, like the Office will not suffer if the 'will they/won't they' couple actually get together. Somebody commented over on Television Without Pity that they were worried that Chuck will end up like Seth in The OC, being quite self centred when it comes to relationships and I really hope this is not the case. Hopefully because Chuck has the spy world to contend with this will not happen, though I can see why this one fan would think this could happen after the repeated badgering that Chuck gave Sarah whilst on mission in episode 2. Chuck, the character has always been about Sarah but also how to be the best asset that he can be, this new intersect has made this challenge all the harder as it is his emotions that affect if he can flash and I'm sure that this will be both a blessing and a curse as to what kind of spy he will become.
Wow, for what was meant to be a brief comment on the new episodes I sure have waffled for quite a bit. One of the main things that I wanted to say was that I particularly liked the way the train station scene in Prague was shot and that there was the added bonus of the Frightened Rabbit track 'Backward's Walk' which was my musical highlight of the episodes (low point being Imogen Heap, not a fan). I look forward to tonights episode, especially if there are any more clues as to who Agent Shaw is.
All I need to find is a big jar of cheese balls and to work out what is exactly in 'jail juice'.

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