Monday, 25 January 2010

Conan's last Tonight Show

Friday saw Conan O'Brien host his final Tonight Show after only seven months, his last monologue was classy and got me all misty eyed:

After this heart felt goodbye Conan, his band, Will Ferrell, Beck, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top and Ben Harper performed Free Bird which will always be one of my favourite songs to really rock out to (slightly off topic but it was this song that saved Elizabethtown for me). And of course there was cow bell:

Hopefully in seven months time we will be seeing Conan back on the air doing what he does best and in the mean time I wonder who the late night hosts will be talking about now as this has given them much material for weeks now. Also much has been made of the huge settlement that Conan has received and that this should take any bitterness out of the situation, but I'm guessing that the money does not really make up for his short stint on a show that you can tell he cares much about. It will be interesting also to see how and when Jay Leno takes it back over what the ratings will be like for him, I'm guessing Letterman can't wait.

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  1. Free Bird's an awesome song and a great choice. Conan will be missed!