Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Michael Emerson on The Soup and Jimmy Kimmel

Michael Emerson (Ben Linus in Lost) appeared on The Soup and Jimmy Kimmel this week to promote the new season of Lost. Both are pretty humorous and he mentions that he started out doing comedy which plays out here and in Lost as well. First up, The Soup which contains a spoilerific clip of the new season of 24 if like me you are a season behind, though having just seen this clip I don't think it really ruins too much, though I am intrigued as to why Jack is wearing glasses now (yes out of this entire clip that is what I pick up on which might be why I am a season behind):

Next up Micheal Emerson on Kimmel which is another good, funny interview where they discuss the show and of course he can't reveal much except that they only have four more episodes to shoot and how people react to him in public. Jimmy has a nice photo collection of the many beaten up faces that he has had throughout his five seasons on Lost. I'm very much looking forward to the scenes with Locke that he mentions and if only there would be a Lost spinoff sitcom called 'The Ben and Hurley Show', I'd definitely watch. There are some spoilers though for those that haven't seen the new episode 'The Substitute' so watch only after you have seen this (interview in two parts):

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