Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Flu season

It comes to that time of year when I have finally succumbed to flu season, much like Barney in the episode of How I Met Your Mother above. I have spent much of the last week sniffling and coughing which has not been much fun though I have managed to catch up on much TV. I finally started watching How I Met Your Mother properly (which is why the above picture is appropriate). Not sure why it has taken me so long to get aboard this train but I'm glad I finally have as it really is funny and I'm enjoying the group dynamic even if I am spoiled for relationship developments further down the line.

I have also finally finished Gossip Girl season 2, which once I got back in to I felt that the season was quite good overall but definitely lacked something that the first season had, not sure if it is because some of the characters go in relationship cycles so it does not appear as fresh and is sometimes predictable but I did certainly relish in some of the ridiculous scheming and plotting. Also on a completely base level it always looks nice and is easy to watch which is perfect flu TV. I always enjoy the pop culture references as well.

In a similar vein I have also finally managed to get in to Vampire Diaries, I'm up to episode 4 and it is this one that has got me hooked. Think it is because the plot seems to be going somewhere beyond a love story and that the show like Dawson's Creek (Kevin Williamsons other TV hit) and Gossip Girl is aware of the shows that have preceded it and use this. There was a nice mention of the Twilight series in this episode of Vampire Diaries where Damon Salvatore longs for the vampire writings of Anne Rice and it is nods like this that show that this doesn't take it self too seriously and is aware that there are many in the vampire genre that pre-dates them (not that the Twilight books do, but the film does before the show). My intrigue has been peaked, so I look forward to what it to come.
I've used my ill time to catch up on the shows I have either lagged behind on or wanted to get in to and I would say that these three are definitely worth seeing with or without the flu. They are all fun and easy going and I'm glad that I have shows that tax my brain (I'm looking at you Lost) but also ones that let me switch off.

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