Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Golden Globe nominations

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Updated to include the nominations announcements:

What no Lost?! After such a good season it is surprising to see it absent from the Best Drama category, though I'm glad to see Michael Emerson nominated in the Best Supporting category as he really does deserve the many plaudits he has received for his work on this show. This best supporting actor category is a tough one, pitting drama against comedy with other favourites like John Lithgow and William Hurt also vying for this award. I'm also glad to see Neil Patrick Harris in this company as he really is terrific in How I Met Your Mother(and everything else).
I am glad to see Mad Men and Dexter in the best drama category and that Jon Hamm, January Jones and Michael C. Hall are also all nominated.  Other nominees that I'm happy with are both Glenn Close and Rose Byrne for Damages, even if the second season was not as great as the first both performed superbly and I'm looking forward to the third season next month.
Comedy wise it is good (and obvious) that 30 Rock and The Office have been shown some love, but other than these two shows I don't really watch any of the other nominees (though I plan on starting to watch Glee whilst it is on hiatus as I have many good things said about this).

The film nominations also include some favourites of mine, including:
-Joseph Gordon-Levitt for best actor in a comedy/musical for (500) Days of Summer
-(500) Days of Summer and The Hangover in the comedy/musical category
-Meryl Streep getting her annual nomination (twice this year for It's Complicated and Julie and Julia
-The movie I am most looking forward to getting many nominations (Up in the Air)
-Another female director getting nominated for an excellent film (Kathryn Bigelow: The Hurt Locker)
-Where the Wild Things Are being up for best score
-Matt Damon with double nominations for Invictus and The Informant! 
-Emily Blunt getting nominated for The Young Victoria and for Justin Timberlake who announced this inappropriately suggesting that John Krasinski (also presenting) would be getting lucky tonight
One reason why I like to watch the Golden Globes is for both TV/film getting honoured as even though my passion lies in television, I do also love the counter part of film. This award show is also helped by the free flowing booze at the tables which could lead to some funny speeches. It will interesting to see how host Ricky Gervais will do this year as he is often the highlight of most award shows, how will he go down when he is hosting the whole schebang and not just one award?


  1. Where the Wild Things are has a great score, though I was waiting for that Arcade Fire track (which I will forever associate with the film after hearing that trailer so often) and it wasn't even included!

  2. Yuck, Ricky Gervais. I'm going to avoid that because of him, but I am happy that Glee is up for so many!
    Huzzah, it is brilliant. x