Tuesday, 15 December 2009

More Lost promos and the start of season 2

So ABC have released yet another really cool non-spoilery promo for season 6 that is a longer version of the Amazing Grace promo that has already aired. It is a good song choice and I like that they have gone for the Willie Nelson version as it sounds more raw than the usual choir type renditions:

There is also a rumour that has been more or less confirmed over at Doc Jensen's new column (which contains many other great musings) that the Spanish Cuarto trailer that has been getting a lot of buzz is getting an American make over in the form of Terry O'Quinn narrating which I am totally on board with, as it makes perfect sense for him to be reading this poem. I'm also glad that the ABC promo department will be acknowledging what a great trailer this is.
In further Lost related postings I finished season 1 last night and jumped straight in to season 2 (and the hatch). The finale of season 1 is satisfying and well executed, apart from the lack of hatch secrets, yes they get in to it yet all we see is a very long tunnel. This shot does look awesome and being able to go straight from this to season 2 means that I didn't get that moment of 'what they're not going to show us what's in there?!'. However I do think the pay off in the season 2 opener is well done and makes up for the lack of hatch time in the finale. I also think that with the other stories in the finale (Charlie/Sayid going after Rousseau and the raft crew) that this was perhaps the best decision and with the climatic moment perhaps being when Walt is taken and the raft is destroyed. Also no matter how times I see it, it really is impressive how long Harold Perrineau can stretch the word Walt.
The first episode of season 2 entitled 'Man of Science, Man of Faith' is where we get to see the major divide that has opened between Locke and Jack and how each positions themselves regarding events on the island and what might cause them. This position is one that really does start in the pilot episode and continues throughout the seasons however it is at this point when these opinions divide the characters and cause a rift that is not really ever healed sufficiently as when Jack realises that there an element of the mystic to the island after all  it is too late.
"See you in another life brother"

And with these words this episode also introduces one of my favourite Lost characters, he does not appear that much in this episode, just in the opening when you don't know who it is, at the end when he has a gun to Locke's head and in Jack's flashback (Jack has some pretty bad hair issues occurring as in the spirit to make him look younger they have given him a not so fetching wig to wear). It is in this flashback (that we get to see again later in the season from Desmond's perspective) that we learn that he is entering a round the world race so our confusion is Jack's confusion when he sees him in the hatch, how did he get from there to being in an underground bunker on an island? All this and more will be answered over the course of the season as will the introduction of Ben (or Henry Gale as he was known then).
Coming up I have the tailies to look forward to, it will be good to see them again seeing as all but Bernard are now gone.

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