Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Rewatching Lost season 1

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Last week I decided that it might be a good idea to try and watch as much of the five seasons of Lost that have aired so far before the start of season 6, I'm intending specifically to watch season 1 and season 5 (when my super amazing version arrives) and then as much as everything inbetween. It has been speculated that season 6 will mirror the first series and I figured it would be good to have a refresher of the events that happened on and off the island all that time ago.
I'm up to episode 11 and having watched 'Raised by Another' last night in bed I forgot how creepy the episode was and was actually a bit scared after (this might have something also to do with having seen Paranormal Activities last week which also sufficiently creeped me out). This episode had several questions that have yet to be answered, specifically why Aaron could not be raised by an other, why is it that the psychic was adamant that Claire must raise the baby herself? The fact that Kate was raising Aaron off the island and that Desmond saw Claire getting on to a rescue helicopter in a vision are two potential stories that need to be rectified by the detonation of Jughead at the end of last season. Also regarding the psychic we know later that he is a fraud and that this might be his only real true psychic reading so did he know that the plane would crash?
I'm really enjoying rewatching these episodes as it has been a considerable time since I last saw them, it is also nice to see Jack and Locke getting along, though with the discovery of the hatch in the next episode by Locke and Boone that will soon be over. I'm looking forward to the Sun and Jin becoming more central to the storyline- on a sidenote I would say that these two characters/actors appearance has changed the most since the start of the show, others like Jack and Kate look pretty similar.
I have particularly enjoyed seeing Walkabout again as that episode really is well written and acted, though every time I have seen it since I can't believe that I missed all the clues that Locke had been in a wheelchair. These episodes make me miss Charlie in the later seasons but make me glad that he is going to be in season 6, his relationship with Claire was always one of my favourites and probably one of the more natural pairings, it is also good to see him and Hurley together in both fishing disasters and golfing triumphs.
This first season really is a charm and I can quite easily say that the pilot is one of the greatest episodes of television that has been produced. Also I recently posted some season 6 promos for Lost, here is the UK promo for the first season that aired in cinemas and on TV that is probably my favourite promo ever:

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