Friday, 20 November 2009

Lost Season 6 return date

Now whilst I am super happy to have a return date for Chuck, the major TV announcement yesterday belongs to Lost with ABC announcing that it will return with a two hour premiere on Tuesday February 2nd (this is Groundhog Day- coinkydink?). They have also said that there will be no break for the Winter Olympics which is a good move as it will be good to have a season that has no breaks, especially when it is the final one. I am attempting to stay as spoiler free for this series as I can, I'm going to attempt to not see any promo clips as I want to remain as surprised by the events in the series as I can and I find that promo clips always have me anticipating moments that will occur. This proves very irritating if the moments that they show in the promos don't occur till the final scenes of the episodes (this has happened recently with episodes of FlashForward and Friday Night Lights) so this is why I am abstaining from all Lost promo videos. Role on February 2nd, I really am super excited and I'm looking forward to watching Lost with the same people that I have done for the past five seasons as it is always a pleasure to watch with friends (and yes I sound like some Kodak ad).

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