Friday, 20 November 2009

Chuck return date and a special preview

It seems like Christmas has come early with the TV news that was announced yesterday, Chuck has a return date which makes me want to cheer especially as they will be airing two episodes back to back on Sunday 10th of January, followed by a third episode on Monday 11th of January (Monday will be the regular day it airs on again). Over at Alan Sepinwall's blog he has an interview with Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak that is worth checking out for reactions to this exciting Chuck news as well as some hints as to what they have been doing regarding Chuck production (though he is pretty elusive so no spoiler warning really needed).
As if this news wasn't enough to please the Chuck fan in me a preview clip has also been released by NBC, this features a very happy Zachary Levi thanking the fans for saving the show, a few clips of the new series as well as a full scene from a new episode. The whole thing has put a big smile on my face and here it is:

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