Monday, 27 July 2009

Lost at Comic Con 2009

I’ve just been looking through many of the reports from Comic Con regarding the final Lost panel for season 6 and as with the previous years this gave some minor revelations for the upcoming season as well as being fun and featuring some of the cast as well as Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. The theme of this years panel was fan appreciation to show the 6000 strong audience and those of us who could not be there but only watch on Youtube (thanks to those fans who recorded and uploaded their videos so quickly) how much they have appreciated the support over the past five years. I particularly enjoyed the mash up of fan videos, including one of my favourites being ‘Brokeback Island’:

There were several other videos that played, several of which suggest that the plane never crashed, including one with Hurley advertising Mr Cluck’s Chicken, an Oceanic Air promo highlighting what a safe airline that they are and a video from America’s Most Wanted revealing that Kate did not kill her step father but one of his employees by mistake. These videos suggest that the plane did not crash and that Jacks plan worked after all, how much of this is just a big tease is anyone’s guess really. Other humorous videos included Michael Emerson auditioning for the role of Hurley and seeing Nestor Carbonell applying eyeliner backstage.

Important bits of information that were revealed during the panel include:

-Both Faraday and Juliet will appear in season 6 (at the Vampire Diaries panel Ian Somerhalder confirmed that he would also be reprising his role of Boone at some point)

-There will be a lot of Richard Alpert including his back story (it was confirmed but not at this panel that he will appear in 16 out of the 18 episodes making him a season regular which makes me super happy)

-It will mirror season 1 in tone (ambiguous but in true Lost style)

-Jacob has never appeared as another character

-There will be less emphasis on the Dharma Initiative

Not too much revealed but enough to start to wet my appetite, and considering it won’t be on air for six months I think it is better to get small pieces of information at this stage.

The panel which by the end of it had Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Michael Emerson (Ben), Nestor Carbonell (Richard) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer) on stage ended with an in memoriam clip montage of all the major characters in Lost who have died:

This was followed by the final surprise guest- Dominic Monaghan who on his hand had written ‘Am I alive?’ This all but confirms that he will be appearing in season 6 which I am very happy about as he was always my favourite. In an interview later on for G4 Jorge Garcia confirmed this, although the look on Michael Emerson’s face would suggest that he probably was not meant to.

-The whole panel can be viewed here at and the quality is pretty super

-The New York Times has written a piece on the extensive prep time for the Lost Comic Con panel and is well worth a read and can be found here

-As always for really good Lost coverage you should head over to, Doc Jensen and Dan Snierson covered both the Lost panel and hosted their own panel for Totally Lost that featured Michael Emerson and Gregg Nations (who is a co-producer on Lost).

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