Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Graduation and what is to come

So, I finally had my graduation ceremony for my Masters in Film and Television which turned out to be a fun afternoon, not only because I got to catch up with some old faces but also because the person who was awarded an honorary degree was the BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner. Gardner was reporting in Saudi Arabia in 2004 when he and his cameraman Simon Cumbers were fired upon by al-Qaeda sympathisers, Cumbers was killed and Gardner who was shot six times was left paralysed. He gave a speech that gave hope to the many graduates in the room and showed that you can achieve your dreams as well as overcome obstacles that are presented to us, no matter how big or small. Here is a picture of me (and my Dad) from the day

It is also odd to think that this time last year I was hard at work with my dissertation which the topic of my study was whether authorship in television is viable and if it is then by what means. My case study was JJ Abrams and I was looking at his body of work in television with the cut off for all Fringe related research being Comic Con. The fact that it is Comic Con this weekend and that it was my graduation last week brings my Masters to a close. On that note I have several things that I would like to write about in the next week or so and I aim to be more productive with this blog throughout the summer as I have been a little absent recently.

Areas that I would like to cover include:

-Reviewing the short lived sitcom Kitchen Confidential which I have just finished watching on DVD.

-The news and highlights from Comic Con, I wish I was there but unfortunately I will be scanning Entertainment Weekly and fan sites such as and for all the weekends’ gossip

-I just read a review in the New York Times for the Nathan Rabin book ‘The Big Rewind: A Memoir Bought to you by Pop Culture’. Rabin who is now a writer for the Onion writes about his turbulent growing up through pop culture references and from what I have heard this book sounds super and I definitely want to read it (right after I finish with the Dead Zone).

-I’m also currently re-watching season 2 of Mad Men which I got on DVD last week, in preparation for the new season and also because it is truly wonderful TV. The new promo poster for season 3 has been released and makes me so excited for this new season:

-I would like to look at this years Emmy nominations and watch some more of the drama nominees as I currently only watch Mad Men, Dexter and Lost out of the list, really want to check out Breaking Bad and Damages (which my Mum loves and the first season is super cheap to buy at the moment). But also a big grr to Friday Night Lights getting snubbed again in the major categories, what has this show got to do to get some Emmy love?

So, I will be writing a lot more soon, also I have had a guest review of the season 1 Bones episode ‘The man in the fallout shelter’ posted on and will have another one coming soon as I also wrote about ‘The man with the bone’.

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