Monday, 7 June 2010

True Blood promo posters 9-11

With just under a week to go until the start of the third season of True Blood and the promotional campaign in full flow, here are the promo posters 9-11, which cover several areas of the show:

Number 9:

Number 10:

True Blood Poster - Me & Sally

Number 11:

True Blood Promo Poster #11 Debuts

Shifters, Bill and what the show is named after are covered here (of which we got a bottle in the HBO store in New York on holiday, we got it home safely and are yet to drink it, but I'm looking forward to the blood orange drink). I'm really looking forward to the new season and word from the critics who have had advanced screeners seems to be very positive. I also wonder what is in store for the final poster of this series.

Photos courtesy of HBO and MTV

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