Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mad Men season 4 poster

The season 4 poster for Mad Men was released exclusively to Ausiello yesterday and it look pretty great:


The image is striking in it's simplicity and sets up everything that you need to know about the tone and direction that this season will be going in, that it is about starting over. This is both for Don in business and in his private life. Much like Lost when an image is released for Mad Men they are poured over and analysed and I am not disappointed with how this campaign has kicked off. Executive producer Matthew Weiner told Entertainment Weekly recently that this season will have the characters asking "Who am I" and that "It's about stripping away the things that define them. Once they're taken away, they just have to look at who they really are."
This alone makes me glad that July 25th is just over a month a way.

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