Monday, 3 May 2010

Conan on 60 minutes

Last night Conan O'Brien appeared on TV for the first time since he left The Tonight Show back in January. The interview took place on CBS's 60 minutes and can be viewed in full below. It is both the portrait of a man who is still deeply hurt by the whole affair and of someone who is aware that his situation though bad wasn't the worst thing that could have happened and unlike his audience who believe that he was screwed over by Jay Leno he doesn't see it this way (though his reaction to the notion that Leno thought they were both screwed over is priceless). It is good to see him back on TV, showing both humility and comedic thoughts about what went on at NBC during this period of change and that he still is not a cynical man. I look forward to when he is back on television in November on TBS.

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