Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Pacific

Yesterday the first promo for the new HBO miniseries ‘The Pacific’ hit the internet and it looks like it will be pretty spectacular. Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks once again team up to tell a tale of war in the 1940s and this time as the title states it will be focusing on the war in the Pacific against the Japanese. This is an area of World War II that I know very little about with most of my knowledge being of the European side so this will hopefully fill in some of my historical gaps. Also if it is even half the show of what Band of Brothers was then it will be a good watch. Having seen the trailer (see below) I already get the impression that I will love it, it gave me goose bumps which is always a good sign and once again features actors that I have liked in other roles but who aren’t big names to dominate away from the story. A friend pointed out Joseph Mazzello who played the kid in Jurassic Park is in it as what would appear to be the inexperienced and scared soldier, and a 24 favourite of mine James Badge Dale (played Chase in season 3) plays the hardened soldier who has seen some action. From the trailer it also appears that there are more women in this than Band of Brothers including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’s Isabel Lucas.

The Pacific will be airing early next year and with a budget of reportedly $200 million dollars the producers have definitely attempted to rival the scope of Band of Brothers. This is one show that I am definitely anticipating and here is the promo for you to check out:

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