Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Office Season 4

Yesterday I finished watching season 4 of The Office and I must say that I really did enjoy it, despite some reviews I had read saying it wasn’t as strong as previous seasons I would have to disagree with this and say that it was consistently funny throughout and the only draw back was that it was cut short due to the writers strike. I will be discussing this season in detail so spoiler alert for any one who hasn’t seen this season. I am now very much looking forward to season 5 coming out on DVD in September.

Highlights of the season in no particular order include:

- Jim and Pam staying on Dwight’s beet farm and the return of Mose (The Office writer/co-executive producer Michael Schur). This episode (‘Money’) was particularly melancholy with Michael’s money problems and Dwight’s pain over Angela breaking up with him, but even in the saddest situations the show still finds room for comedy such as the interaction between Michael and Ryan regarding the PowerPoint.

- That the first four episodes of the season were double the usual running time, I was unaware this was the case, so was pleasantly surprised when watching these that they ran longer, it makes up a little for the 14 episode long season.

- The fun run and how each of the characters completed the course, whether by taxi, stopping via a garage sale, almost not completing it or the horrible but very funny sight of Andy’s bleeding nipples (this was matched by his blister covered hands in ‘Job Fair’)

- Ryan’s hideous beard and his evolution into a massive douche and his subsequent fall into fraud; can’t wait to see if he is in jail in season 5.

- All things Creed

- The impressive attempts to cover up Angela’s real life pregnant belly with carefully positioned desks, cubicles and bags.

- Pam and her glasses.

- The trip to Utica in ‘Branch Wars’ to prank Karen’s Dunder Mifflin branch after she attempts to poach Stanley.

- The super uncomfortable but equally funny dinner party at Michael and Jan’s house.

- Andy’s hideous blue trousers (as seen in the picture above)

- Pam and Jim, it is always a concern when a show gets the will they/won’t they couple together but I think it has been handled and executed brilliantly on this show, particularly in ‘Job Fair’ when Jim closes the deal.

- Michael and his GPS

- The directors cut of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton advert

- Dwight and Angela hooking back up, unfortunately I was spoiled for this but it was still pretty funny regardless.

- Stanley and Michael sorting out their issues in an adult way that was actually quite touching.

- That Pam may become more than just a receptionist.

- Any Kelly monologue.

- The introduction of Amy Ryan.

So I will leave it at that particularly long list, I am sure that I have missed many more moments but these are the ones that stuck with me. Also the DVD has some pretty good special features which I haven’t managed to consume all of yet, the blooper reel is an episode long and it makes The Office set seem like an awesome place to work. Other features include a lengthy writers panel which is both insightful and amusing as well as the usual collection of deleted scenes and commentaries which is the ones that I haven’t got round to yet. I would definitely recommend this boxset despite it being a shorter season they do make up for it will content.

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