Monday, 11 May 2009

No Chuck announcement and finale week central

So, I failed at my attempt to blog every day a couple of weeks ago but I will try to be a bit more consistent in my entries. The Chuck banner is still up due to the lack of a solid confirmation as to whether the show will return for a third season, however several sources including Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly and Nikki Finke have both been very positive regarding it getting renewed which makes me super happy. Hopefully the news regarding next season will be announced sooner rather than later.

    It is a big week for several of my favourite shows as it is the season enders for Fringe, Bones and Lost. I am yet to see last weeks Bones featuring Stewie Griffin from Family Guy which sounds like the most bizarre TV show crossover yet, I will hopefully be seeing that tomorrow and so will give my thoughts then. Also from what I have heard about the Bones season finale that also looks like a departure from the normal structure and I have also heard that some old faces will appear which I am looking forward to.

    Regarding Fringe, I think that this is a show that has gone from strength to strength with each episode and I am particularly enjoying the dynamic between Walter and Peter Bishop. Yes there was some shameless Star Trek plugging in last weeks episode ‘The Road Not Taken’ which I didn’t mind and I liked the use of Clint Howard (definitely a ‘hey it’s that guy) as the Star Trek obsessed conspiracy nut. I am looking forward to how this season will end and whether any questions will be answered. It will also be interesting to see how next season will look different regarding the location of filming moving from New York to Vancouver, I hoping for some more countryside based action rather than the mostly cityscape scenes we have had for the first season.

    The season finale for Lost is a mixture of anticipation and of disappointment, anticipation as I can’t wait to see how they are going to end the season and with what inevitable cliffhanger they will leave us with. The disappointment stems from having to wait until next January/February to find out what is going to happen next, it always seems so far away. I’m not sure how they will top finales of the past, but Michael Emerson who plays Ben Linus has said that the finale will ‘make you eat your soul’.

    So this will be a good week of television hopefully as I anticipate that all three finales will be match how much I have enjoyed the rest of the season.



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