Monday, 18 May 2009

Chuck renewed!

It has been announced that Chuck has been renewed for a third season! This news is awesome but has some unfortunate compromises that have had to be made to get this renewal to occur. These are financial cut backs which may mean that season regulars such as the Buy More crew will have fewer appearances, this does suck somewhat but I am happy to make this compromise to get another season. Another consequence of the budget cut is that two writers are being cut which is a shame as well. 13 episodes have been ordered so hopefully the ratings will improve or remain at the steady level that they are already. This type of renewal is similar to the Dollhouse one (which totally surprised me) in that budget cuts have had to be made to obtain another season. I am glad that I took part in the save Chuck campaign, bought the Subway, had the banner, let’s hope that this fan power will be evident next season and that Chuck will live on for many seasons to come.

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