Monday, 27 April 2009

Save Chuck with a sandwich

    So in an attempt to be more productive I have decided to try and blog every day this week as some programmes are having their finales this week; the most important one for me being the Chuck which will also hopefully not be the final ever episode.

    Yes I have become a little ‘Save Chuck’ obsessed over the past few weeks but so have many as all the campaigns across the internet on fansites, facebook and twitter. I personally have not participated in a ‘save a show’ campaign prior to this one mainly because I have either come to a show after it has had premature cancellation (ie Arrested Development which I only started watching last year) or because I haven’t really been that invested in a programme to participate. However with Chuck I felt compelled to do something however small to join this internet campaign that has been gathering speed over the past few weeks because this show is too good to end up on a ‘cancelled too soon’ list on Entertainment Weekly or Television Without Pity.

    Whoever came up with the ‘finale and footlong’ Subway idea is pretty super, to demonstrate support for the show by giving money to one of the featured advertisers is such a good way to show why this is a financially profitable programme. Money is obviously (and unfortunately) the main reason why a show will get the green light or whether is will be cancelled and this campaign is talking through dollars rather than the usual bombarding the studio with show related merchandise (although there is also the sending of nerd sweets to NBC that has been occurring for ‘Save Chuck’ campaigns but nothing speaks loader than money for a corporation).

    This campaign got a kick start in the UK at a convention in Birmingham yesterday that both Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Adam Badwin (Casey) were at, when Levi led hundreds of fans to the nearest Subway for everyone to purchase a footlong (I’m guessing the Subway workers were super happy with that- though Levi did help behind the counter to get through the onslaught of customers). Here is an excellent video of the event:


 So go and buy a footlong, I will be.



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  1. Im glad everyone is doing their bit to Save Chuck . and yes the Finale and Footlong campaign is an awesome idea ! all thanks to Wendy Farrington.
    The Chuck team is truly and great and they deserve a third season