Saturday, 28 March 2009

'The Soup's' kick ass clip of the week

Just wanted to write a small bit on last night’s episode of ‘The Soup’ and how at first I thought they had made up the ‘kick ass clip of the week’. Now sometimes on ‘The Soup’ they will take a clip and edit it with stuff they have filmed to make it look more ridiculous, with this clip of ‘One Tree Hill’ this is something they didn’t have to do. Seriously you have to see it to see how bizarre the whole thing is. I’ve never really seen ‘One Tree Hill’ all that much just bits and bobs here and there so I wouldn’t like to judge it unfairly, especially as it has successfully managed to run for six seasons, but really this clip just leaves me wondering how it has run for so long. Also I think ‘The Soup’s’ host, Joel McHale is brilliant and this clip allows me to show this also:


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