Wednesday, 7 July 2010

More Mad Men pictures, video

This blog is definitely Mad Men centric at the moment and with just over two weeks till its return it will be this way until then I would expect. Over at Zap2it they have got some more promo shots from season 4 that once again don't really reveal much of anything but let us speculate on all kinds of things like what year is it? Is Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce a success? Has Betty married Henry? And it allows me to rejoice in the fact that Bobby Draper remains as the same actor this year unlike the previous three seasons. Here are a selection of these photos:

'Mad Men' Season 4: Jon Hamm, Aaron Hart and Kiernan Shipka

'Mad Men' Season 4: Vincent Kartheiser and John Slattery

'Mad Men' Season 4: Jared Harris and Christina Hendricks

'Mad Men' Season 4: January Jones

Here is also an excellent video that compiles some of the really awful chat up lines that have been used by many of the characters including the lovely "You should do something with that sour puss, you're very beautiful" and "Are you Amish or something?" (both courtesy of Pete Campbell):

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