Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mad Men- Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency

So Sunday was a crazy busy night for TV as Curb Your Enthusiam returned, Bored to Death premiered, the Emmys were on and there was a new episode of Mad Men. I will begin with a quick post about Mad Men as I think this was the best episode of the season so far and was also perhaps the most shocking so a warning that there will be spoilers ahead. Here is a clip of that oh so shocking scene that I have now watched a good six times, it is equally hilarious and horrifying:

One of the things I love about Mad Men is that often goes in a completely direction to the one that you expect and this is a classic example of this, because of this I have no idea what direction the season is going to take. It would seem that a lot of the core group are unsatified with their work at Sterling Cooper for one reason or another which makes the central component of the show seem on the shakey side, Joan has already left (not that she really wanted to after the repulsive Greg did not get his promotion) and we have already seen Duck Phillips try and woo away both Pete and Peggy. I am glad that Lane is staying as I think Jared Harris is a terrific addition to the cast and because I am intrigued as to what direction he will go in now that he feels like he has 'witnessed his own funeral'.

The season did start perhaps a little on the slow side, however these past two episodes have definitely gone into full speed and this demonstrates why it deserved the Emmy for best drama on Sunday (though I also wanted Lost to win). I am now excited as to what will happen next and how all of the events of 1963 may also shake up the lives of these characters.

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